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2023 Farm Shares


Our summer cut flower program offers fresh weekly bouquets each Friday from

June 23rd through August 4th.

Each bouquet is a unique combination of seasonal flowers, giving you a perfect way to enjoy the best of summer all season long. Sign up today and enjoy the beauty and freshness that Curly Tail Farms has to offer. Payment is required in advance to reserve your spot.

2023 Vegetable Share

A hearty share of our fresh and local vegetables that are harvested weekly throughout the summer season. Pickup day is Friday from June 2nd through September 15th with local delivery available.

Our vegetables are grown organically, free of chemicals and pesticides, providing you with the healthiest and most nutritious options available. We take pride in our sustainable farming practices that ensure our vegetables are always of the highest quality. We are passionate about supporting our local community and providing our customers with the freshest produce that is always in season. Payment is required in advance to reserve your spot!


Plant Starts

We will have a variety of plant starts available at our farmer's market locations as well as some local plant sales, or can always be added to your weekly order! Ask us about our popular micro varieties that can be grown pretty much anywhere!

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