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Everything worth growing takes time.

Hi that's me! I'm Emily and Curly Tail Farms is dedicated to my Pug dog Hercules (curly tail) who taught me that you should do whatever you want in life even if people are chasing you and yelling NO! Here's a little about me:

My first introduction into local agriculture started around 12 years old with a membership in the local 4H dairy cattle club. This blossomed into a love for the farm and all its creatures. I spent most of my teenage years participating in local agriculture, FFA, and showing dairy cattle in CT.


More recently in my life, I’ve begun to discover my love of all things plants and the absolute satisfaction of putting food on the table that I’ve grown myself.


I began in a more urban setting with container gardens on my porch and slowly I was able to upgrade as we gained more space.


In 2017, I started with my first large home garden and was able to produce enough food for not only my friends and family, but was also able to donate fresh produce to a local food shelf. At our final stop here in Middle Haddam, CT we have been working all year on clearing up for our largest space yet!




The vision I have had for years has slowly blossomed into my most recent project here at Curly Tail Farms. We hope to provide the surrounding community with locally grown produce as well as educate and encourage others to learn to grow and provide food for their own families.


There is a monumental disconnect in this country in regard to where exactly our food comes from and here at Curly Tail Farms we hope to help foster a greater interest in purchasing locally as well as exciting a younger generation to become more involved in local agriculture.


My focus this year will be on small space, high intensity production using organic friendly methods. We hope to provide you with a great variety of unique veggies and herbs as well as seedlings and plant starts.


Spring 2022 will be our first official production season and we hope to see you at some local farmers markets.


Food for now...and the future

Here at Curly Tail Farms the goal is to improve the soil so it can produce food now and for the future. We are currently practicing no till methods of growing produce as well as using all organic methods of fertilization and pest control. We're always learning and our goal is to provide you with something that you can feel good about eating. Want to see how we grow? Set up a time to stop by!

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